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HP Spares Warranty

All HP replacement spare parts carry a 90 day warranty from date of purchase. Please read the following extract relating to HP Spare Parts taken from HP Support pages at: www.hp.com/UK/Support

Spare parts
All HP spare parts (see Notes 1 and 2 below) that are used to replace defective parts in an HP product are entitled to:
- the remaining service period of the product in which it is installed; or
- 90 days parts replacement warranty, whichever is greater.

This may include free on-site repair if the HP product is entitled to on-site warranty. See Table -

Warranty Services Table
NOTE 1: The replacement spare part must be a genuine HP spare part.
NOTE 2: This does not include Spare Rechargeable Battery Packs, Spare Compaq Netelligent Products and Network Interface Cards, Microcom Integrated Access Devices, and Compaq External Modems (see below).
Spare Compaq Rechargeable Battery Packs are entitled to a 12 month Parts-only Warranty. Spare Compaq Netelligent, Compaq External Modems and Microcom Integrated Access Products are entitled to the remaining warranty of the replaced product as shown in Table. They do not adopt the remaining service period of the product to which they are connected and or any warranty services to which the product is entitled (this/which may include free on-site repair). Spare Netelligent Network Interface Cards receive lifetime Parts-only Warranty.

NOTE: Spare Part, provided that the replacement part is a genuine HP spare part, purchased to repair ''Out of Warranty'' machines are entitled to 90 days parts-only warranty from date of sale of the spare part to the End User. It is a requirement that an End User Proof of Purchase is provided when claiming spare part warranty. Validation of the spare part warranty will be made against this Proof of Purchase. This may be dependent on local country legislation.

In the unlikely event of a warranty issue please contact us in the first instance.