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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When will my parts arrive?
A. In stock items ordered before 16:00 on any working day will be shipped the same day making next working day (UK mainland) delivery possible. If any items are out of stock or subject to delay we will contact you. Non-UK mainland orders will be subject to delivery times dependent on location.

Q. How much is delivery?
A. This depends on what you order and where you would like it delivered. Please click here to view details.

Q. My part number ends "-070CN" (or similar) but your part number ends "-000CN" are they the same?
A. Yes, for ease we often "zero" the last part of the HP part number.

Q. I've ordered parts for my HP LaserJet printer but you've sent me Canon and Samsung parts, are they the same?
A. Yes, HP and Canon parts that share the same Part Number are fully interchangeable and HP now own the Samsung printer brand.

Q. I need a fuser for my LaserJet 4250, is the fuser for the LaserJet 4200 series the same?
A. No. Many HP printers look the same and have similar model numbers but they may not share the same internal parts. We follow the HP convention where "series" refers to the model range i.e. the "N", "TN", "DTN" versions. If in doubt please check with us before placing an order.

Q. I need a feed repair kit for my LaserJet printer, your kits contain parts for Tray 1 and Tray 2 but I think my printer only has one paper tray?
A. HP LaserJet printers usually have a minimum of two paper input trays. Tray 1 also referred to as the "MP" or "Multipurpose Tray " is often hidden within a drop-down front cover and is used for feeding alternative media (envelopes, letterheads, etc.). Tray 2 is usually the first pull-out drawer (cassette) assembly and may hold 250-500 sheets of paper. Some HP LaserJet printer models have additional/optional pull-out trays, these are known as Tray 3, Tray 4, etc. Also, if your HP printer has a top mounted scanner, the scanner input tray is known as the "Automatic Document Feeder" (ADF) tray. We list parts for these additional/optional trays and ADF trays separately.

Q. Do I have a Duplex or Simplex printer and what is the difference?
A. This may be important to know as some replacement parts (fuser, transfer belt, etc.) may not be interchangeable. Duplex printers are mechanically different and offer automatic double-sided printing whereas Simplex printers only print on one side (you need to manually turn the paper over to print on the back). As a guide, HP printers usually have "D" as part of their model number e.g. HP Colour LJ3700DN or LJ3700DTN. If you are unsure please ask us to confirm.

Q. Can I fit the parts myself?
A. Many listed items are "user-exchangeable" and easy to fit but only you know your DIY skills. Fitting instructions are rarely supplied with replacement parts but we may have the appropriate service manual for you to download. Just click here to view the manuals available.

Q. Do you accept official purchase orders from schools and colleges?
A. No, we've temporarily suspended this payment option.

Q. Do you provide a warranty?
A. Yes, all HP replacement spare parts carry a 90 day warranty from date of purchase. Please follow this link for more details: HP warranty. Please contact us in the first instance.

Q. I can't find the parts I need, can you help me?
A. Yes, just complete our simple need help? form.